About Us

America’s Best Canister Snack Food Co. is a privately held family company created in 2008 to promote unique, innovative American snack products for export to countries that want a taste of American snacks for their markets.

We have extensive snack food and export experience, having worked for over 20 years exporting products from the United States for companies like Nabisco, Kraft and many other companies that needed help in exporting their products to international markets.

We package all of our products in canisters that are nitrogen flushed to guarantee an extended shelf life of one year for most snack products. We are committed to providing the best and freshest products for our customers.

Our most popular items are our Cheez Ballz and Cheez Curlz, but we can package any type of snack in a canister for any export market. We are constantly innovating and developing new snack concepts. Keep in touch with our new product offerings by going to our products.

We are long term partners with our customers and value our relationship with them. We also service retail, foodservice and specialty food accounts with our branded and private label product. For more information or if you would like to join our network, please contact us.